ICTM Grade School/Junior High Math Contest
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The ICTM Contest Committee offers in-school contests for students in grades 3-8. The season consists of three contests to be given at your school.

For 2018-2019, these contests will be held:
Contest 1:  November 12 - December 7  
Contest 2:  January 21 - February 22  
Contest 3:  March 18 - April 19

Each school will set its own testing date and time within these guidelines.  School teams may consist of as few or as many students as they wish.

Each grade level contest consists of two parts: team competition and individual competition. 
The team competition consists of five members who work together on 20 questions for 25 minutes. A school may field as many five member teams as it wishes.
The individual competition consists of independent student work on 8 questions for 20 minutes. 
Scores of the top two teams and top ten individuals count toward the school total.

Results will be submitted via the contest website and results and statistics related to the competition will be posted following each contest.  Results are password protected, and only coaches of participating schools will be able to access this information.

Contest questions reflect the NCTM Standards spirit of problem solving and the Common Core State Standards and encourage the use of calculators. The team competition promotes cooperation amongst students. Problems are written to challenge student thinking, leading to further appreciation and exploration of mathematics.

The registration fee is $45.00 per grade level, which includes three team and three individual contests. ICTM also offers a one-time Algebra contest in May. Click on the Algebra Contest link to the left for further information on that contest.