ICTM High School Math Contest
Missing Regional Awards

Please log on to your account approximately two weeks following your regional to double check the awards ordered for your school.

Due to ties, error in shipment, and other factors, some schools will be missing awards after the regional competition. Approximately two weeks after the contest, when you log on to your account, there will be an "important message" listing the awards ordered for your school:

(Reg Awards:) indicates the additional awards which have been ordered for your school.
(No Regional awards have been ordered) indicates that we have no record of your school needing any awards. If you feel this in an error, please contact the awards chair.

Corrections to this list will be accepted until 12:00 pm on Friday, March 15th. No further regional awards can be ordered after this date. Any award implications based upon score corrections will be handled by the contest chair.

Receiving Your Missing Awards
State Qualfiers: Pick up your awards on the date of state finals in Foellinger from 8:30 - 10:30 AM or Altgeld 239 from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Schools who fail to pick up their awards at the state finals will have them shipped at their expense in late May.
No State Qualifiers: If your school has no individual(s), events, or team state qualifiers, your missing awards will be shipped to your school at the end of April.
Note: If your school has qualified individuals or events for the state finals and has chosen NOT to participate, notify the awards chair before April 1 and your awards will be shipped to your school at the end of April.