ICTM High School Math Contest

2018 Regional - Saturday 2/24/18
2018 State Finals - Saturday 5/5/18

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NEW FOR 2018
Division 1A - 1-399 students
Division 2A - 400-1099 students
Division 3AA - 1100-1999 students
Division 4AA - 2000+ students

Registration Fees
Registration fees for 2018 are set at $250 for those who register by November 1. Registration fee now include solution manuals for both the regional and state contests. These will posted on the portal for participating schools. Solution manual for past years are still available and may be ordered with registration or separately.

Oral Topics 2018
Division 1A/2A - Trigonometry (Regional: Solving Triangles, State: Identities and Equations)
Division 3AA/4AA - Markov Chains
Further details and references will be posted Fall 2017.

2017 State Contest Questions and Answers
Division A Questions - Click Here
Division AA Questions - Click Here

Accepted State Finals Appeals
1A/2A Alg 2 #12 - also accept sqrt(-1) 
1A/2A/3AA/4AA Alg 2 #17 - also accept 1001 
3AA/4AA Alg 1 #18 - Also accept sqrt(2) 
3AA/4AA - FS8 #14 - Also accept 75204 

ICTM State Finals Results

Division 1A Division 2A Division 3AA Division 4AA