Grades 3-8 Contest

We have in-school contests for students in grades 3-8.  Questions reflect the Common Core State Standards and the Common Core Mathematical Practices.

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Algebra Contest

The Algebra Competition, given during the first two weeks in May, is open to all junior high students.  It is an individual competition that consists of 20 questions, to be completed in two 30 minute time periods.

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Students compete in both individual and team events representing their school in regional competition.  Winners at the regional level and top scorers advanced to the state finals.

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Many thanks to our recent contest donors.  For further information, or if you wish to donate, contact the contest chair.

ZipGrade LLC - New Lenox, IL

for in-kind donation of website, portals, and scoring systems.

Rick Brenner, John McConnell, Carol Nenne, Dr. Thomas Shilgalis, Cindy Stecher, Mary A. Thomas, Ronald Vavrinek