• 2-person playoffs are introduced at the state finals.


  • State Finals scores are posted ‘live’ on the website for the first two rounds (now posted live on the portal for coaches to check)


  • Calculator team competition answer format changes to four significant digits using standard notation.


  • The ICTM High School Contest Portal is introduced for the state finals.
  • Both members of the oral team may present during all parts of the presentation.
  • Calculator team competition answer format changes to exact answers unless otherwise stated in the question.


  • The ICTM High School Contest Portal expands to include regional hosts, regional schools, and state finals schools. Registration, rosters, and scoring is completed on the Portal, and contest information is disbursed via the portal.
  • Math Team Shirt competition is implemented at the State Finals.


  • Step by step solutions to both regional and state questions are provided to coaches following the contest. (Previously, they were sold separately for $25 each.)
  • To provide more balance among the participating schools in a particular division, divisions are realigned to 1A: 399 or less, 2A: 400-1099, 3AA: 1100-1999, 4AA: 2000 or more


  • The relay competition changes to two all-level four person teams. (Previously, there were separate FS relay teams and JS relay teams.)