• The contest website undergoes a complete redesign, becoming a general information website. Specific information for schools is disseminated via the contest portal.
  • The high school contest celebrates its 40th anniversary.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the state finals were completely cancelled.  (The regional competition was able to take place as normal prior to the pandemic.)


  • As the pandemic continued, ONE contest was held remotely (participants competed at their own schools and reported results).  Regional and state awards based upon the one contest.


  • The pandemic continued; however, we held both a regional and state contest remotely (participants competed at their own schools at the usual dates/times and reported results.)
  • No 2-person competition.
  • Oral Competition was held remotely as well.


  • The contest finally returned to in-person competition for both regional and state finals.
  • The schedule was adjusted for both regional and state to four rounds: A-Written Comps, B-Calculator, C-JS2, FS8, D-FS2, JS8.
  • The oral competition at the regional level was held remotely again (as was in 2022).  This becomes a permanent method of regional oral competition.
  • The state finals returned to its original home…Illinois State University.
  • The relay competition was eliminated at the state finals.
  • We celebrated the return to in-person at the opening assembly.  NO student present had ever attended a state finals in person.  The State Contest Song was performed once again by students, led by contest co-founder Richard Rhoad…a tradition since 1980.


  • The calculator team was changed from a 5-person team to an 8-person team (2 freshmen, 2 sophomores, 2 juniors, 2 seniors).